Critical Routing

Solution specialized in the route calculation, for emergency vehicles: Firefighters, Ambulance, Police, with specific features to meet the special needs of emergency services, unresolved in commercial softwares.

Our main objective is to obtain reliable results for the emergency chief in front of a duty call, in order to reduce the response time. The service experience, allows updating the data and rules.

Based on a high quality vial graph, with enriched information suitable for calculating critical routes:

  • Types of tracks
  • Clearance height
  • Usable width and maneuvering
  • Urban obstacles
  • Dead end and narrow streets
  • Permitted critical maneuvers: prohibited turns, wrong way driving, U-turns
  • Determining the type of vehicle depending on the route
  • Temporary street work blocking

Ability to do the simultaneous coordination of routes from different fire station parks and vehicles.

Through a series of connectors, the system obtains information from the actual traffic conditions, the effects of mobility and scheduled streets cuts, adapting the path to the circumstances of each moment.

Connected to the “green lanes” to facilitate the priority step in signalized intersections and overture steps: tolls, tunnels, bridges, …

The system consists of the following modules:


Criteria configuration and graph maintenance, with no dependencies on external maps.

Control Room:

Central core of the calculation, synchronized with the dispatcher, generates a single service order, with the suggested route and cartography of the arrival area. It allows the control room operator to introduce changes and variables.

On board:

Displaying, tracking and route recalculation in a large format device with ability to connect with other critical applications.

Critical Routing
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